Agua Jug Water Jug for drinking

Aqua Jug Dark Knight Black 2.2L

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Aqua Jug has a simple mission: help empower healthy living by promoting proper hydration Consumption of one full Aqua Jug is equal to the recommended daily intake of water for an individual. Proper hydration has a myriad of benefits including more energy, clearer skin, keeps your body cool, natural cleanser, improved muscles and joints and so much more. At the same time, single use plastics are LITTERaly choking our planet. Certain non-recyclable plastics are estimated to last for thousands of years! Reusable water bottles and jugs are the answer to minimize our plastic footprint. Supporting Aqua Jug supports a better planet and a better you. It’s that simple. PS: the water jug weighs 5.15 pounds when 100% full of water. A bit heavy for some, but we’ll let you in on a couple secrets – (1) don’t fill it up all the way if too heavy (2) you’re working those muscles – go on 'n get it!